Stay Motivated during winter and keep surfing


Are you finding it had to stay motivated during winter and keep your surfing alive! 

We know it is cold down south here and many of the locals travel up north in winter to the warmer water. But if you can’t travel and get away, how do you stay motivated to get up in the morning and get out there in that water! 

Winter can get to the best of us and staying motivated is much harder and that is also because winter is a natural time to rest, reflect and stay warm and take time out to be silent. However a lot of us find this time hard to work with, we are living in a pretty busy world where we are always doing something. 

You also don’t want to loose what you have just gained with all that summer surfing! And winter can be the best time to get out in the water, generally it is quieter out there, you most likely going to be surfing next to some of the best surfers in the area and the swell is always pretty good! 


So if you want to make sure you are still getting out there and getting wet here are some of my tips to you! 


Be Prepared In The Water

Make sure you have the right gear! If you know you have an old wetsuit with holes in it, there isn’t much hope in getting in that water when you can already feel the cold before you have even gotten out of bed. 

Grab some booties, gloves and a hoodie, make sure you have a wetsuit that will keep you warm in the water! 

We have been stocking a great range from the Cold Water Specialist! C-Skins. These guys are from the U.K. so they know what they are doing when it comes to keeping you warm in the winter! Come in store to  check out our range! 

The worst thing to do is go out unprepared and only last in the water for a short period of time, you want to know you are going out for a surf! Not just a paddle


Be Perpared Out Of The Water

Have something to lookforward to for when you return to the car!

Warm clothes! Trackies, Beanines, Uggboots you name it, if its warm chuck it in!

Take a themos with you and either bring along your favourite hot drink or even pack a soup, we always get out of the surf hungry. This way you are feeding yourself and warming yourself up from the inside! 


 Grab A Crew

Don’t go alone! Grab a crew of you best mates and plan a day to go surfing! There is nothing better then being in numbers and the best part about surfing is that all you need to do is rock up together and leave together when you’re in the water it’s all up to you! That support is always helpful and lets be a little honest here we all hold a little competiveness within us where we probably wouldn’t admit to the other that we don’t want to go in and we would all egg each other on to get out there! 


Set Goals

Set yourself some key goals for out in the water, as I said before winter does mean less people out there so you will have more space to work on your skills! It could be turns, could be going right or left, could be just build strength out in the water or even to catch a wave! 

I went out with someone a little while ago who is an amazing surfer but hadn’t been out in a really long time and his goal was to catch 3 waves! That’s it, just three, he did that and it was time to go in. Then he said next time it was going to be 4 waves. 

We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves and just setting little achievable goals means we feel f****n awesome afterwards, because we actually achieved them! 

Have a goal go out and achieve that goal then come in feeling amazing! 


Get out there don’t hold back!

Most of all just don’t let your mind hold you back. Get prepared, grab a crew and enjoy every moment you are able to get out there and surf.


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