Deep Breath Yoga Community

Come relax and unwind with our yoga, meditation, massages or workshops run by Deep Breath Yoga Community right here in San Remo Wellness Centre

“Yoga isn’t about touching your toes,
it is about the journey on the
way down.” 
Jigar Gor


Book Deep Breath Yoga Community for private yoga or meditation or group yoga or meditation sessions.  Choose from 30 minute or one hour yoga or meditation programs at your home or other area.  


Be guided through a relaxation practice  and learn how to use your breath, visualisation and relaxation to quieten the mind, still the body and calm your emotions.  From this, gain a sense of tranquility and the mental and practical tools to take this with you into your everyday life.


Deep Breath Yoga Community offers Zenthai Shiatsu Massage and Relaxation Massage.
Zenthai Shiatsu combines the beautiful elements of Zen Shiatsu and Thai Massage, creating an amazing experience of connection and movement therapy.


We will be holding at workshops at least once a month, keep checking in to see when the next workshop is and what it is all about. 


Are you tired, stressed, or simply lacking motivation? Come and join us for an 8-week body reset program aimed at reconnecting the mind, body, and soul to achieve greater health and an inspired life.


My name is Holly Shepherd and I am the founder and yoga teacher of Deep Breath Yoga Community.

I was introduced to yoga when I was about 15 years old and instantly fell in love with the practice.

While regularly practising yoga as a hobby, my initial career path began in Real Estate. I found this job rewarding and often stressful.  While I was finding work difficult at times, my yoga classes were able to ground me and assist me in feeling energised throughout the tough work day. I noticed that my mood, outlook and general health improved when I was practising yoga.


This led me to really focus on what the benefits of yoga were and I was keen to learn more.  Shortly after, I decided that the only logical step for me was to learn from where it all began and I decided to head to India.  Here I undertook a yoga teacher training course where I learnt about the philosophy, benefits and yoga practices so I could come back and teach and share the same experience with others.

In India, I lived in an Ashram (a type of live in lodging school) for one month where I completed the 200hr Teacher Training Course I was surrounded by like minded people.  I had no access to pleasures or luxuries while studying, just the bare basics to ensure myself and the other students were able to focus truly on ourselves and on learning to teach others.


One year later I returned to India to complete the 300hr Advance Teacher Training Course.

These experience will never be forgotten and I am excited to share my yoga journey with others and teach what I have learnt.